Keep up the Positivity, Excitment, Motivation, and Passion of Chi Chi Training Together!


I just wanted to say THANK YOU  to all current and new clients coming the Chi Chi Health and Fitness!

1.  Thank you ALLMAX Nutrition as a great sponsor!  We will promote and continue to do demos all over the city of Regina!  Great and fun ALLMAX pics done by Michael Dubois…….more high energy and crazy pics to come!

2.  The Kiki Wrestling/Fitness Club has just started!  This was inspired by my beautiful daughter Kiele!  The kids are having a blast!  It’s important to get them moving, active, fit, and to burn great energy at a young age!

3.  Chi Chi Health and Fitness has entered it’s first Tough Mudder Team! This will take place in Whistler, B.C.  We have a great crew committed and more intense training will begin over the next few mon

4.  Looking for a motivating book to read lately?  Pick up Mind Gym by Gary Mack!  Inspiring, great stories, and quotes by many great athletes around the world!  I will leave you a quote at the end from this book!

5.  See you soon client/friends!  As we continue to SMASH our goals together…..we will continue to celebrate to keep the INSPIRATION alive for a long time!