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  • S. Trstenjak

    I have seven children and am in my early 40’s. My core is pretty much non-existent and weight has crept up on me with the last 2 pregnancies. My baby is 20 months, and I weigh more now (non-pregnant) than ever before. I bought a kettleball about a year ago but never used it. I found your kettleball workouts on YouTube. I just wanted to thank you. They are explained well, and I’m doing them! Most importantly to me, ChiChi Gonzalez and his team are dressed so modestly. We are a very modest family, and I love that I can do these workouts and not expose myself or my children to things we are not comfortable with. Today, several of the children were following along using a tennis shoe, a teddy bear and a wooden stool for their “kettleballs.” I just want to say, “Thank you!”