Chi Chi/Brown’s Socialhouse Tough Mudder Team 2014 in Whistler, B.C.!

We are pleased to announce that we have 17 hard working clients/friends that will be coming with me to the take on the Tough Mudder event in Whistler, B.C.  The date is June 22nd and everyone is PUMPED! The Tough Mudder consists of taking on 10-12 miles with around 20 obstacle courses along the way.  This can consist of climbing walls, climbing ropes, going through tunnels, crawling through mud, and lifting many objects to get to the end!  The key is TEAM WORK and we will help each other out along the way so that everyone will finish!  Google Tough Mudder and you can see what the excitement is all about!  They are held all over the world!


I have done many challenges in my life but this will be AWESOME to share with clients/friends taking on this event! The team will be training hard the next three months with my classes, group training at the hills, and on their own!  This is another thing to add to the bucket list in life!

What is your fitness goal in 2014?  Challenge yourself and find your PASSION!  Never give up and surround yourself with people who create the same energy to help you reach your goals!

Yours in health,


Ron (Chi Chi) Gonzales

Team Chi Chi Health and Fitness

Team Kiki Wrestling/Fitness

Team ALLMAX Nutrition

Team Beast Mode

Team Tough Mudder


T.E.A.M.    Together Everyone Achieves More!