Chi Chi Chatter October 2015 Newsletter!



Good day clients/friends,

We just sent out a Chi Chi Newsletter to all clients/friends.  PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT AND TAKE A LOOK!  The theme for this newsletter is being GRATEFUL!  During the Thanksgiving weekend, there should be many things you should be grateful for because we tend to take many things for granted in life!  Here are four things I have been GRATEFUL for in my life!

  1. Family.  My daughter keeps me vibrant, strong and full of ENERGY daily!  My parents have supported me through everything (education, school, sports, work, and life!).  Give your parents and family a hug when you can!
  2. Health:  I have been involved in the fitness business since I was 8 years of age as an athlete and coach!  I am grateful to still be involved creating my own fitness business and teach kids daily at Mother Teresa Middle School (  Never take your health for granted and take care of it.  We can neglect it very easily and so always make time for it!
  3. Clients/friends:  I am always grateful for clients/friends that I see daily and train with me!  The success of Chi Chi Health and Fitness is because of the support of all of you! 2.1 million views on the You Tube Channel.  18, 000 subscribers and rising daily!  THANK YOU!
  4. PURPOSE:  I am thankful that I feel I have a purpose the minute I wake up and start the day!  The training business and school give me a purpose to get up!  My daughter gives me a purpose to get up!  The people I meet daily gives me a purpose to get up! I hope you have a  purpose to get up and take on the world daily!

These are just some of the things I wanted to share during this Thanksgiving weekend!  I sincerely hope that you have many things to be GRATEFUL in your life!  Let’s keep working hard together with our health and fitness!  Thank you once again for being a subscriber, watching the You Tube videos and the people that are able to train with me in Regina!


Yours in health,

Ron (Chi Chi), Kiele and the Chi Chi Team!

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