About Chi Chi

Hello everyone! I am indeed excited to talk and help others in the fitness industry!   Health and fitness has been a major part of  my life. I hope I can motivate, challenge and help others achieve their fitness goals!

I definitely consider myself training freak! Many people think I am crazy the way I train! I love to push and never put a ceiling on anything, especially when it comes to training! I just call it PASSION!

I also love coaching and training athletes with ChiChi Health and Fitness! If you are an athlete, professional or just wanting to get in better shape, ChiChi Health and Fitness can definitely help! My youngest client is 10 and our oldest has been 65 years of age!

I developed ChiChi Health and Fitness 6 years ago in Regina. I continue to grow and never looked back! We continue to go to many kettlebell seminars and other fitness courses to increase our professional development in this field!  Education never stops for us!

I have have been involved in athletics since eight years of age.  My  first love was Tae Kwon Do, where I practiced for eight years. Wrestling came into the picture and I trained throughout high school and university. Once retiring from wrestling, bodybuilding and power lifting took over in my life. He has thrived at all levels (provincial, national, international) in amateur bodybuilding. I coach wrestling at the elementary, high school and university level for over 20 years.

The passion and energy for kettlebell/boot camp/joint mobility training have been steady for us! I love the explosiveness, functional strength and challenge with kettlebells. The  training business goes all year round! Come check us out for training, seminars or courses that we offer! We will continue to update the website and share our excitement with you!

Train hard, smart and keep reaching your fitness goals!

Ron (Chi Chi)  Gonzales

 “We have one life so go after your dreams/goals every single day of the year!”