2014! What are your New Year Resolution Goals?? Let’s start planning!!!

It is hard to believe the year of 2013 will be over in just a few days!  I hope the year treated you very well.  We all know there will always be challenges and obstacles in our life BUT it is how your take them on with advertisity, determination, and never giving up!  HOPE is a big word and I truly believe a POSITIVE attitude will conquer anything!

There are so many things to be grateful for in 2013! I want to thank all clients, friends, and people around the world that have attached themselves to Chi Chi Health and Fitness!  Since the You Tube launch in October of 2012, we are close to 310,000 hits and rising!  Thank you for believing in our PASSION and training style that we offer to everyone!  I truly believe in it and want to motivate everyone even more in 2014!

Thank you once again!  Let’s continue to celebrate the successes in your life!  Go after the health/fitness goals ahead of you!  Plan ahead to overcome any challenges and remember, live for the present and future!  I can’t wait to welcome 2014!  Let’s do it together with open arms and look forward to the exciting things ahead!

Yours in health,

Ron (Chi Chi) Gonzales, Kiele and the Chi Chi Team!

“Please don’t wait things to happen in your life…….remember, nothing ventured….nothing gained…..GO AFTER IT!”