7. Kettlebell/Body/Agility Training

The following video incorporates many different kettlebell movement along with body drills, agility drills and it caters to different fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

5. Kettlebell/Striking Movement Drills

We are pleased to offer this unique and FUN training video which consists of striking movements, agility drills and kettle bell techniques. This will keep the heart rate up, create more variety and challenge to your body for another great workout! Enjoy!

4. Double Kettle bell/functional fitness training.

Chi Chi Health and Fitness is pleased to offer another training video where you can use a light and medium bell size with your workout. It is great to use them on their own and to double up to challenge the body! There are different body drills added to the video to cater to different fitness levels. Enjoy and have FUN!

2017 Kettle Bell Workout Volume 1

This is a great example of how you can use Chi Chi Health and Fitness videos in your own YouTube playlist to create an enjoyable and challenging work out!

1. Total Body Kettle bell Fitness Training

Our first new video of 2017 is now live. If you don’t have time to make it to your favourite workout facility, our videos work well in making any space big or small your new workout facility. ENJOY!


Too many people think their goals are unattainable. But any goal can be reached with hard work, drive, and the sheer will to make it happen. I have also learned that it doesn’t hurt to have a pack pushing and supporting you.

Chi Chi December 2015 Newsletter!

Good day client/friends!   Please see our last newsletter for 2015!  See below! Enjoy and we have done may great things together!  We will keep it rolling in 2016!  I am looking forward to another great year and our MISSION will continue to help others…